If you have any doubt regarding project, design career, UI/UX design, logo and brand identity design, go through the section below.  In case you want to connect further to discuss something feel free to contact.

For project queries feel to connect through various channels provided on my Contact page. I recommed dropping me a mail on design@harnoorbhullar.com as I check my mails regularly.

I normally share my experience and resources for free in my blogs. Soon, I will be sharing a roadmap for beginners for approaching UI/UX/Brand design. You can connect with me on social media for same. Feel free to text me with any of your design career related problems.

It depends on the project and my schedule. A basic logo & brand identity project takes 7 days, standard branding project takes 15 days and a complete end to end brand idenity design project takes 28 days. 

Yes, I provide all the services to clients world wide through fiverr as it provides a a trustable platform for both buyer and service provider. You can check the reviews and work provided on fiverr through this link. Connect on Fiverr! 

I accept payment through Netbanking, Payoneer, UPI methods. Feel free to reach out in case of issue. 

I aim to provide my clients with satisfactory outcomes. So, based on the contract I provide as many revisions possible. 

First of all I do not just design a logo but imagine a complete brand around the business. I start with peer & market analysis along with business history. Based on my research I ideate more than 50 versions of logo and provide the client with top 3 from side. The logo they choose becomes the reference for complete brand guide. 

Brand guide is a document that defines the visual language of a brand. It explains in detail logo concept, brand personality, brand color pallete, brand typography, logo usage guidelines, do's and don't, unique brand pattern. All the examples are illustrated with proper mockups so that any one onboard with the brand can consistenly work with brand's visual language.

If you are just starting, I will recommend going for the basic style guide. If you are looking for complete brand language that is consistent on all social media platforms and offline promotions you need a complete brand identity system. See an example here Young Monk Rebranding

UX research is one tool to check whether your assumptions about the product/service you are about to launch are true or not, whether the pain points you are addressing through your product are actually the problems users face or not. If your product is launched and its not succeeding then what is the root cause of it. From my experience , I can say that UX research lays the building block of a product or service and adds immense value in it. 

I use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop for Brand Identity design and Figma,  Adobe Xd for UI design for Apps and websits.


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